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by admin on February 16, 2013

It is likely that most of us have suffered from stomach pains in some point of our lives; some of the people may suffer from it very often. There are different causes of stomach pain but most of the times we take it lightly because we believe it may have occurred because of the food that was not easily digested. It is even true in most cases, because stomach pain proves to be the cause of undigested food in 90% case, but what about the pain that occurs in the upper stomach or upper abdominal? Upper abdominal pain should not be ignored as it may be due to some serious reason. Following are some of the symptoms and causes of this pain:

Pancreatic Problems

This pain may occur if there is some problem with your pancreas such as an inflammation in the pancreas. In this case, you will either feel the pain right after the meal or a little while after taking alcohol. A patient suffering from this issue is likely to face symptoms such as vomiting, high temperature and paling of the skin. If not given a timely treatment, it may also cause death.

Gallbladder Disorder

You are likely to suffer from gallbladder disorder if you feel the pain at the right side of the upper abdominal. During this condition, the patient is required to take complete rest as this pain can spread towards your back and even cause pain in the chest. Nausea and fever are some of the common symptoms.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you feel pain on the left side of your abdominal, then most likely it could be because of the IBS. It happens due to depression and intestinal infection. It may result in symptoms such as fatigue and nausea. Taking liquids can help!


If this pain is accompanied by paling of your skin, nails and eyes and even causes dark color urine, then it could be hepatitis. You can have nausea and fever during this condition. It is a serious disease and requires an immediate medical treatment.

Stomach Ulcers

This could also be one of the causes of suffering from upper stomach pain. It happens due to infection in the stomach. Consumption of liquids can be of great help while you also need to avoid spicy food.



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